New kernel module: build fails, V=s shows many other kernel config questions

I'm trying to create packages that add a few new kernel modules: USB DVB tuners.
I added a new file: ./package/kernel/linux/modules/ with the required kernel CONFIG_ options, but when I try to build the kernel, I get prompts for many other config options that were not selected / needed.
How do I fix this?

Thank you.

By adding them to the default kernel config for your target, ie config-5.10 or config-5.15. Those are floating around somewhere in target/linux/$target.

These packages are not target-specific. Any target with USB may use them.
Are you sure they should be added to my specific target config?

All depends. Do you want to turn this into a PR? Then it should go into generic. If this is just a personal project I'd stick with the target you need it on.

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