New install won't configure lan (change router IP address)

Installed openwrt on my Netgear r7800. I'm connected to the router on a lan port, the router is using the default and the PC is statically set to Netmask is/24 on both.
When I open the GUI and reset the lan address to 10.x.x.x/24 I lose connectivity. I change the interface address on the PC to the new subnet and the router seems to have reset back to the default. I guess there is a safety component here, if so how do I turn it off or get my new subnet onto my lan interface ( br-lan) so I can finish configuring router.

Can't you configure two IP addresses on the pc, one in each subnet before changing the router config?

Or add a second lan interface to the router with the new IP subnet.

Wait 30 seconds in LuCI while the safety component fails to connect pc with old address to the new router address, LuCI GUI shows you "failed" status and offers possibility to "apply anyway" (force the change). Do that. Now you can change the pc address and connect to router's new address

Router LAN IP change is one of the most common soft-brick situations and the soft-brick prevention logic kicks in...

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Please, consider to change the default LuCI behavior:

  • Apply - apply in the runtime without saving
  • Save - save the runtime to persistent
  • Reset - reset the runtime to persistent
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Seems like a longer time out would work better. I did try two computers at the same time but no go. I'll try doing it from a ssh connection and reset the network, that should bypass the gui's timeout feature.

The soft brick prevention expects to see connectivity from the same browser session where you ordered the config change. Using two computers does not help.

Simply wait there in Luci for the first failure, after which it offers you the possibility of forcing the change. Do that. Only then change computers IP address.

Soft brick prevention is there to avoid inadvert changes to firewall, switch, vlan, etc. It tries to prevent config changes that causes you to lose connectivity to the router, by reverting the change if connectivity was lost.

Intentional router IP address change just falls into the category that it catches.

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That's more like an answer I was looking for. I'll try that in the morning, thanks.

Or simply use SSH console to edit /etc/config/network directly


If I'd been a little more patient I would have seen the button that allowed "save anyway". All is well and working. Thanks for whack up the back of the head :slight_smile:

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