New Install - PKG Update not working

Hi All-

I am very new to OpenWRT. I have successfully installed and updated OpenWRT onto my old TP-Link Archer C7.

My goal is a dedicated VPN device for devices in my home network to connect to. So I have the ATT modem/router connected to the TP-LInk/OpenWRT wireless router via ethernet from a standard eth port on the provider modem to standard eth port on OpenWRT.

When I run the "update lists" in the GUI or opkg update in cli, they both fail (in GUI is says failed with code 6. CLI just lists the failed "get returned 4" messages.

I feel like this has something to do with DNS, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for any help!

Sounds like you have forgot to set the "gateway" and "dns" addresses in the lan interface config of your openwrt router. (sounds like you are aiming for the "dumb AP" config. see wiki for that)


Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. I did my best to follow the Wiki for a dumb AP, but I've obviously missed something. I am still getting the same sorts of error messages from opkg:
*** Failed to download the package list from


Failed to send request: Operation not permitted.

I appreciate any help or suggestions. If I need to upload a config or settings just let me know.

Thanks in advance

Sound like routing is still mixed somehow.

Note that you do not need opkg for debugging, but just nslookup and ping from the router ssh console help a lot. Opkg just uses wget to fetch files, so there is no deeper network logic embedded into it.

You possibly have something in your network settings that is wrong / incompatible with your network topology.

You might explain, how the traffic is expected to flow, what is the lan IP address and subnet of both routers, and show the OpenWrt router's network config file's full contents.