New house | Need recommendations for setup

I will be moving into a new home next year sometime. I know it's a good 8 months away, but I'm starting to plan, and setup gear now so everything is plug-in-play when I move in.

I am having six CAT6 runs installed. All terminating to the basement. Comcast cable service. I don't really trust all these WiFi meshes sold on the market (ie google, amazon Etc), so I'd like to build my own. I'd also like to do it for about $200. Sounds crazy, I know, but that's my goal. I currently have this device:

It's powerful, WiFi coverage throughout top-floor of my current location, stable on 18.06.4, and relatively cheap if ordered without the LTE module. I'd like to install 2 more of these in the new home, and an 8 to 16 port Gig POE switch in the basement (see diagram). I'd like to mesh the WE1326's (or a models similar to it) for WiFi coverage throughout the home. If I use a mesh protocol (like batman) will I still be able to use the gigabyte ports on the units that are serving as the mesh clients, so that I can pass internet and share other devices on the network. Devices like Orange PI's, Rasperberry PI's, and linux PCs? (Home Diagram w/ planned router CAT6 termination).

I may also run additional CAT6 later in the future.

Routers I am considering: <------------- Not sure fully supported

16-port switch

If you are going to run ethernet cables all around the house, why do you need to mess with the mesh? Can you just add dumb access points wherever you need them?


That is certainly an option too. As dumb AP's, can traffic still pass up/down through the Gig eth ports as well?

Yes, if I could have run Ethernet cable, I would have in a heartbeat.

Personally, I'd buy a good, managed switch, as that will serve you for years. Dealing with a cheap switch will be nothing but pain configuring and troubleshooting. I'm told that XyZEL's upper-range devices are good. I run used Cisco SG300 switches. Both are around $100-150, leaving enough for another AP for you in your budget. Unless you're running a SIP-phone system, I find PoE switches an unnecessary expense and power draw. If you need one or two PoE devices, GigE power injectors are pretty cheap.

Yes, of course!

I would use the WAN ports on the routers to connect to the main router through the ethernet cabling, then use the WLAN and LAN ports to service clients. You can use trunking on the ethernet and serve different VLANs on all APs.