New fully functional compilation for routers with modem LTE


I made fully functionality compilation for router with LTE modem , based in firmware openwrt-21.02.

The image contains:

  • image 21.2 factory/default functions
  • sms tool web admin panel
  • signal strength web admin panel
  • apn SIM web admin panel
  • watchdog web admin panel

If you are interesting it, send me private message.

with what ?

guesses of which device you're talking about ?

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any router with this architecture:

releases / 21.02.0 / targets / ramips / mt7620 /

but I will could made any other architecture.

Are there any photos available what does it look like?

I use your git projects, except a modification in luci-sms-tools, because startup services doesn´t works.

Edit my first post and made a mention to you and your projects.

Frollic, please, Can you edit my first post for adding this links of IceG`s jobs ?
And make a mention to him too ?

In the last version (1.9.1-19092021) I corrected the script and the process is now running properly in the background.

I asked for photos because I thought maybe someone had come up with something new, but since these are packages from me, the photos are probably unnecessary.

Hi - I'm new and was looking for firmware to flash my mt7620 LTE router (WE826) as I need the LTE functionality - it also has a GPS built into it.
Was hoping you still have this firmware available?
As I'm new here I'm also limited with my account so I couldn't message you directly

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That's for the link - I'll give that a try!

I flashed the device with the T M32 firmware, and installed the packages
qmi-utils luci-proto-qmi
Got my 4G connection up and running :slight_smile:

Also got an Adblock and DoH servcies installed and configured for good measure

Just need to figure out the how to get the GPS working - the shipped firmware allowed me to send a txt message of "GPS" to the active sim card number and it would respond with the GPS coordinates - I feel there is going to be a lot if fiddling required to get this functionality back