New flash on Archer C7

Hi. I have TP-Link C7 V2. Now it have 16 MByte (128MBit) flash. I want replace for bigger one (32MByte/256MBit). What flash memory I must buy?

You could take a look into the u-boot source code of your c7v2...

u boot source don't ave compatibility of flash module.

You'd likely need to find one that was pad-for-pad and signal-for-signal compatible with the current one and a quick check on Google didn't reveal any memory upgrade for Archer C7 articles. gives

Flash: Winbond W25Q128FV 16MB

Past that, I have no idea what you might need to do to a custom build to be able to take advantage of a larger flash chip.

Edit: Of course I just placed an order with Mouser without remembering a new flash chip. On my open Archer C7 v2, the chip is identified as


Going to larger than 16 MB makes everything completely different. The 16 MB and smaller chips send 3 bytes (24 bits) of address to the chip. After 16 MB you need a larger address, so 4 bytes are sent. This requires all the drivers even in the pre-bootloader to be changed.

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