New EdgeRouter device entries issues

I created device entries for the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter and EdgeRouter Pro and noticed they appear in the list @ different than other entries. How do I correct this? Also I created the Device page @ but couldn't figure out how to get it to apply to the EdgeRouter Pro also. The only difference between the EdgeRouter and EdgeRouter Pro is that the Pro has a faster processor and 2 X SFP Ports. It uses the same firmware images and same install procedures.

If you're talking about the ubiquiti_ prefixes for the newer page names, I think that is by design (probably something recent). I have seen those differences with other brands as well. I suppose the wiki admins decided to add the vendor for clarity, and to make sure there wouldn't be any mixups with companies releasing similarly named routers (especially with the high numbers craze sneaking into model names - 1300, 1800, 3600, ...). The page names are probably generated by a template based on vendor & model name.

This happens when users do not read the instructions.

Regarding devicpeages: One device per devicepage, please. Sooner or later we will end there anyway (one device - one page).

Hoping that someone will read it and click the link, I have added a picture which explains how to do it right.

@tmomas Can't you show the image inline?

So once I've screwed it up there doesn't appear to be a way back. If I select a version of the page from the Old Revisions page prior to picking the wrong edit button that page does not have a LEFT edit button to revert to the prior version!

I have re-added the template content now.

Thank you. I'll be more careful in future edits! Will be working on adding all missing data for currently supported octeon devices. Also working on adding support for additional octeon devices (EdgeRouter POE and 4, D-Link DSR-500, D-Link DSR-1000AC, and some of the Netgear ProSecure UTM series.)

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