New category - something like "Community Builds & Packages"

There should be a category for community builds & packages, like the "Community Releases / Announcements" at the Openwrt forum.

People could discuss there the either their firmware builds for a router (like the wrt1900ac and wndr3700 firmware threads at the Openwrt forum) or recent/new packages (like e.g. adblock).

I am not sure what is the optimal name for the category, but maybe either "Community Releases" or "Community Builds & Packages"

Lets call it "Community Builds & Packages"

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Section is live now.

Thanks, I tested it by copying my WNDR3700 build intro here. While doing that I noticed that Discourse apparently has less bullet/numbered list formatting options compared to the old forum

Or then I am not yet skillful enough to use all formatting options (e.g. sub-bullets inside numbered lists) :confused:

@hnyman - you can generate sub-items by putting multiple spaces before the * char.

This markup (spaces replaced with dots):

`* Item
..* Sub item
....1. Sub sub item
....2. Sub sub item 2
..* Sub item 2

  • Item 2`

Results in this output

  • Item
  • Sub item
    1. Sub sub item
    2. Sub sub item 2
  • Sub item 2
  • Item 2

Thanks. Indenting the sub-bullets with spaces enabled the numbering of the main bullets to flow correctly in Build for WNDR3700v1/v2 / WNDR3800