New category for packages feed / packages development?

I think the packages feed is missing a place to have discussions (or maybe I just don't know where those discussions are happening lol).

I've brought up the "issue" of meta discussions on GitHub, but I don't think (or no longer think) GitHub issues are good place for general, non-issue related conversations.

I think everyone agrees that package bug reports should be filed in GitHub issues but not everyone agrees that general discussions should also take place there.

So rather than try to change people's opinion on that, I think it would be better to focus GitHub issues for bug reports and have discussions somewhere else, like in a forum :joy:

Types of topics I think would fit in this category:

  • Packages feed announcements, e.g. Python 2 removal
  • Project policy, e.g. when should packages be removed
  • Requests for help, new packages, etc. from users

But why a separate category for packages? "For Developers" seems geared towards main repo topics (building firmware, adding new devices, etc.), "Community Builds, Projects & Packages" seems to be more for the general OpenWrt user community to share their projects. Neither feels like a great fit for the packages feed.