New build openwrt


I know a new build is up , the 19.07.2 but dont where to find it..


You will know where to find it once it has been officially announced.


Please, do not do this.

Just because there is a download folder and a release notes does not mean it should be used; most probably, there is a good reason why it has still not been announced here, nor it is linked from the main page.

Do we really need to rush and install it before it is announced?

I understand but I guess some test it?
Like we see on dd wrt, the betas versions are available to test so we can improve it?

That's what snapshots and release candidates are for, those are completed builds, that can or cannot work. This is about a final release that is still being built.

If they don't want people to do this, they shouldn't post anything under "releases" until they want people to get it. Period.

I haven't seen anything "posted" about 19.07.2.
AFAIK, you need to manually edit the URLs to reach the downloads and release notes, there is no direct or indirect link from the official pages.

You are asking developers to change their workflow, and hide the pages until the release is complete, so people do not hurt themselves intentionally...

Nope. I'm saying they should not post releases to the releases folder until they want people to download them.