New Build For TL-MR3220 V2

Hello friends Excuse me, isn't there a newer version of the TP-Link MR3220 V2 router than version 17.01.7? How can I benefit from VPN on this modem? Can anyone make a custom build for this model? If I add another antenna and solder a router to my antenna, won't the quality of its wireless range improve?

No, there isn't.
And there won't be a newer version because this router just hasn't got enough memory (both flash and RAM).
That's why there's the warning on the device page.

I don't know if or how you could benefit from VPN. I assume, there even isn't enough space on it to install or run a VPN.
And it is most likely, that no one could build a newer firmware for this old device, or is even interested in trying to.

Can you elaborate this? How do you want to solder a router to an antenna? What kind of antenna?

To be (brutally) honest: Get yourself a more decent router. Maybe you could use this one still as a dumb AP, but don't expect to much.