New Build for BT HomeHub 5A

:blush: Hello friends, today I am unveiling a new build for the BT HomeHub 5A modem. I made this build for myself but decided to share it with you that someone needed to use it.
:smiley: I have worked very hard to configure this build, please support me with your likes. I debugged it many times to make this image.
:heart_eyes: Thanks if anyone can provide an image with these features or more but at a higher boot speed for this router modem.
But let's go to the added futures ...

  • New Version 19.07.9 ( new git-22.052.50988-1b6c126 )
  • Added :fire: Wireguard VPN Support [ Test is Pass (Worked) ]
  • Added VPN Interface to Network
  • Added VPN light [ green power light ]
  • Added :electric_plug: DSL internet light to check for successful connection.
  • Added :signal_strength: 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi lamp along with 5GHz band lamp, (band 5 lamp in blue and band 2.4 lamp in green, and if activated together, their color is a combination).
  • Added cable lights for LAN and WAN ( Added LAN and WAN cable lights, red power color that combines with the blue color of the router).
  • interface LAN and WAN are separated. To prevent unnecessary configuration, both interfaces are separated and you no longer need to reset the WAN interface to use either.
  • Added :white_check_mark: Wi-Fi on / off button instead of WPS button.( It took a lot of effort to add this feature. )
  • Added Netlink bandwidth monitor for better user volume management
  • Added :busts_in_silhouette: Guest feature[ No additional configuration required ] [ Firewall & Network Full configured for Guest network ] (Ready For Use)
  • Added :bar_chart: SQM (Smart queue management).To manage users' speed.
  • Added QR-Barcode for Scan Wireguard.
  • Added more :lock: security
  • Main Wi-Fi is secured by WPA2 by default
  • Main Wi-Fi is on by default
  • Guest Wi-Fi is secured by WPA2 by default
  • Guest Wi-Fi is off by default
  • Added domain " http://bthomehub.home " for better management
  • Default Guest IP : [ To prevent guest sabotage, the guest has no access to the router settings ]
  • Adding the right :gear: USB infrastructure, develop this yourself because the applications used on this platform are many.

:pray: If you have a constructive suggestion or criticism, I'll be happy to hear from you.
:card_index_dividers: Uploded Files in 11 March 2022
:link: Download Upgrade image => expaired on Next 30days



thank you for software

wan to lan speed
and wan to 5ghz speed have you tested

:slightly_smiling_face: Dear friend, no particular problem was observed in the tests. But it may have bugs. If you see something and I can do something, I will definitely fix it in the new version.