New BT Smart Hub 2 (Complete Wi-Fi) Router

Will there be support for the New BT Smart Hub 2 (Complete Wi-Fi) router?

This is a great router, comes with one Wi-Fi Disk, but the BT firmware sucks. I would be willing to make a donation for this router support. I would love to see OpenWrt support for this hardware in the very near future

Super work OpenWrt


Neither the BT Smart Hub 1A or 1B are supported due to non existent drivers etc since they came out 3 years ago, so even less chance of Smart Hub 2 being ever supported imho.

I don't think I've come across anyone doing a tear down of a Smart Hub 2 yet.

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Hmm, shame, it's a good router, but the BT firmware kills it, why do BT do that :confused:

Thank you for the reply