New boards PR: review needed

Hello, I'm new to OpenWrt development process,
I've made an PR adding two devices:

I got initial review, but since then there was no response from the reviewer (and seems no activity from him lately anyway).

Can I ask for more reviews maybe?

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board addition turnaround is typically dependent on;

  • testers - others having the boards or corroborating function reports (not necessarily 'reviews') - can you send these devices to developers? obscure boards can be difficult... have you reached out to people in your neighbourhood/elsewhere to test flashing and report findings?

  • time - a typical turnaround is 3-5+months... do you need to be more patient? when developers don't have these boards on hand... and nobody else validates the support... time is implied to allow that to happen

i think in general 2 months is a good timeframe to start bumping or reaching out about additional steps that may be needed to further the support PR...

how long has it been?

I'm waiting for about a month but colleagues with the same ramips PRs are waiting for 3 months already:

The problem seem to be, considering @adrianschmutzler activity here and on github, he just doesn't have time or interest to pay needed attention to the multiple PRs already waiting for a long time.
So maybe someone else could cover him when he absent for months?

In my case the devices is fairly typical and should be easy for review.
I have physical access to them and ready to give any assistant needed, but I actually a direct user and tested for myself already.

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my honest assessment...

pr1 (yours) way too early... please re-read my advice and questions above... you seem to have mostly ignored/not read them?

pr2 a whole lot of advice and effort has been paid to this... and was just rebumped today... suggest submitter be a little more accommodating and understanding (if not apologetic)... and undertake whatever future efforts are requested (unless there is a valid practical reason they can substantiate, the maintainers advice should be trusted)...

Well, if it's really typical I should probably wait more (it's hard to understand how that can be typical, though). Just hoping it's not waste of time and our efforts would hit the target, after all..

Thank you for your answer anyway.


Can I ask for attention again, please?

Bump. Any ideas who could be @adrianschmutzler's successor for old ramips PRs?

Since 10 month, the PR was finally merged:

It was possible because of new reviewer stepped in, thanks a lot @hauke!

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