New ASUS RT-AC88U and no idea how to connect to IP Cam


I purchased an ASUS RT-AC88U from Private and am trying to connect to my Dahua PPOE cameras with no luck. Can someone explain step by step like you would to a 5 year old? I do not have much networking experience. Thanks.

Do you have a PoE switch or power injector to power up the camera? A regular router doesn't supply power over Ethernet.

Are you runing OpenWrt on this device?

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Yes, I have a NetGear switch with ~24 ports.

When I login to the router, this is what I see. I assume so.

Powered by LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch

What model is the switch? And while we are at it, what is the exact model of your camera(s)?

This is likely off-topic for these forums, but we will rule out any openwrt issues.

GS324TP; I will add that I had it working when I was using a simple off the shelf router from Spectrum. Now when I type in the IP of the camera, it will time out, rather than bring me to the login page.

The ip addresses of the cameras may not be the same as they were with your old router, unless you have the cameras set with static ips.

What was the old address? And what is the address of your router?

Camera IP: and it is set as static
Router Address has multiple for IPV4 if I'm understanding correctly.

What is the address of your computer? How did you previously set the ip address of the camera?

I did not touch the IP address of the camera. I simply typed the IP into the web browser and was able to access it. Once I swapped routers, I was no longer able to access it.

My computer's IP is the standard

There is no need to obfuscate the ip address. What is the actual address of your computer?

IP address is

At some point when you first setup the camera, you must have either set the IP address manually (as part of the configuration), or it would have gotten an address using DHCP and then you found out what that address was. This is mandatory. And you must have done it at some point.

This is a different subnet than your camera

Therefore, unless you have VLANs configured, the devices are clearly not participating on the same network.

I'll ask again -- what is the address of the router? Is it configured with VLANs?

To your point, I selected DHCP for the camera and it worked. Thanks for your patience and taking the time to help me. I greatly appreciate it.


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Thanks! :slight_smile: