New article: obtaining a TLS cert from LetsEncrypt

I created an article that describes a way to enable TLS for servers

The main goal is to provide a quick and easy instruction how to configure for not advanced users. The certbot is written in Go and too bloated for routers.

If you have something to add please share your experience


I can confirm i use to renew my cert on my openwrt router without a problem... just put the required files and everything works :smiley:


@Ansuel could you please check the article? Maybe there is something worth to be added?

@stokito @Ansuel thank you for this - I didn't realise until I read the article that I needed to use fullchain.cer rather than the domainname.cer file.

Apologies for hijacking this, but what ssl library are you using?

I get an invalid Root CA Certificate error when I run my setup through GeoCertsSSL checker and users are complaining that they get an error in Firefox


Do you own a public ip for your router?

That's kind of a must, isn't it?