New 21.02.0 router has a lot of "extra" DHCP leases that I can't identify

I just deployed this router today. It's been up for only 6 hours. When I look at the system status page in Luci I see a whole lot of DHCP leases that I can't trace to anything. A MAC address lookup comes up blank. All of the leases listed below without a hostname don't have a real MAC address. Has anybody else seen this before?

What happens if you ping the corresponding IP addresses? If they succeed, it means the device is active on the network -- you could then start trying to hunt down the devices themselves.

Interestingly, only the most current lease responds to a ping.

I think I figured it out. I deployed a new router and AP today. I replaced an all-in-one wireless router with an x86 based router and separate Ubiquity AP. The devices without hostnames must be connected to the AP. This is my first time using a standalone AP. I just checked my phone and it does have one of the unidentified IP addresses and the phone's randomized MAC address matches. Seems I have some learning to do.

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