Networkscan - Which IP has my router?

Is it possible to do a networkscan over different networks with a linux pc?

I assume, the router has something like 192.168.x.x, but then I have no idea. I cannot get a connection via ethernet cable and a GL.iNet GL-B1300

A ping doesn't answer (maybe blocked) and in a browser doesn't respond. mentions

So how can I find out, which IP the router has?

If you're referring to stock OpenWrt, the default router IP after flashing is

It shouldn't...unless you changed it to that IP.

Sure it is. There's many programs that will scan a network...even some Windows port scanners work with WINE emulation layer...but you need to know your gateway to scan a different subnet than the one addressed on the router. is one tool often used for that task.

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I have no idea which subnet is used. Can you give me a nmap example please? Maybe there is a script. But I have no idea how it can be done. My local nic has a certain Subnet and I want to search in other subnets.

If you want to search other subnets, you'll likely have to add those subnets to the interface that you are using to scan with.

You may see IPv6 neighbor-discovery packets being broadcast as well.

Why do you think is the right ip?
Have you tried getting an ip via dhcp?
After flashing a router with openwrt, the dhcp server is active and waiting for requests from a client.
Is the pc/notebook/netbook directly connected to the gl.inet?

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I didn't flash the router already, I am preparing the router to do it and therefore I need a working cable connection to the rooter. is the correct IP, which I know in the meantime, it is mentioned in the manual. It works now and I have no idea, why it didn't work a few days ago. Maybe a cache problem, but I tried to refresh the browser cache.

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