NetworkError in firewall section

Hello, I would like to add a redirection rule and got the following error on the firewall section

HTTP error 404 while loading class file "/luci-static/resources/view.js?v=git-20.057.55219-13dd17f" at compileClass ( at async Promise.all (index 0)

Any help please ? Thank you

What version of OpenWRT are you running, and on what device are you running it?

I am using v19.07 on a tp-link archer C6

Clear your browser cache and log in again.

Still have the issue

You're running an old version.[Model*~]=archer+c6 indicates that the Archer C6 v1 will run v19.07.7.

If you check the release notes for the versions between 19.07 and 19.07.7 there's a chance that you may find that your problem has been identified and fixed.

If you're feeling really froggy, you might even risk the 21.02 release candidate.

dumb question : how to update ?

Update done with 19.07.08, easier than expected :smiley:
And bug solved, thank you very much for your help

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