Network Wiki - No Updatekey in LuCI Proto 6-in-4


Name Type Required Default Description)
password string no (none) (strikethrough removed) password (used for endpoint update)
updatekey string no (none) updatekey, overrides password (used for endpoint update)

Looking at proto_6in4.lua, I do not see an updatekey.

HE uses password only if updatekey is configured, otherwise updatekey should be used instead. I think updatekey can be removed from the wiki.

Apparently the luci interface doesn't support updatekey, but it's used in /lib/netifd/proto/ if you configure it using uci.

I'm not sure how that would work (perhaps to remain backwards compatible with the value updatekey in configs):

  • Values used in configs MUST be identical in all locations
  • The values password and updatekey are interchangeable as credentials
  • If an updatekey is set at Tunnelbroker, that is used for Tunnel Updates instead of the account password.

Only the value password is needed.

I am currently using my key as password in LuCI. It works!

        option tunnelid 'xxxxxxx'       
        option username 'xxxxxxx'               
        option password 'xxxxxxx'
Fri Jun  1 14:27:22 2018 user.notice 6in4-henet: update 1/3: timeout
Fri Jun  1 14:27:32 2018 user.notice 6in4-henet: update 2/3: nochg
Fri Jun  1 14:27:32 2018 user.notice 6in4-henet: updated