Network unreachable on amlogic s912

I installed openwrt on an old android tv with an amlogic s912 following this guide then i connected my device with my pc with an ethernet cable. I've set a static ip (, for my pc from the properties of the connection in the control panel of windows 11. However, when i try to ping the device it's unreachable. In the opening logs i can see the string sendto(): network unreachable. I can't figure out the error. Thanks for any response

That device is not officially supported by OpenWrt. What you have installed was not official OpenWrt. You should ask the maintainer of that build for help.

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following this guide ...

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
service network restart

should be

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci commit
service network restart

without uci commit, changes are not saved
and, again according to this guide

Open a web browser and navigate to

so, for whatever reason, you need to open 0.251
this way, your PC need to be set for for ex

i see but isn't the default address for OpenWrt? once the device is booted i should be able to connect to it using this address but for some reason i can't

I will ask to them too, thank you


uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci commit
service network restart

this command will set the LAN interface to

@NPeca75 - the problem is that the OP cannot connect to OpenWrt in the first place (at what should be the default IP of They cannot issue UCI commands untill they are able to connect. So it is currently not possible for them to make such changes.

But since this device isn't supported, the question really needs to be asked in the right forum -- i.e. the maintainer or user forums related to the fork that was created for this device.

hi @psherman

it is TV BOX device
and the guide linked in OP state what one need to do
i did not want to change anything, only pointed out what is in the guide

yes, they can
monitor + keyboard, android box

exactly. I'm asking here only because i did this with another device (another amlogic s192) and it worked fine there, so this is probably an issue on the OpenWrt side. I can close the topic if you want, no problem

Only if the device is fully booting. We don't know if that's the case at this point. The OP has not indicated if they have attempted this method.

Regardless, the default IP should be (per the documentation from the relevant git page)... since it is not responding, that may suggest that the device is not booting properly.

i can do that, however the keyboard only gets 1/3 of the keys that i press, so it nearly impossible.

I would suggest that the problem is not related to official OpenWrt since it is not supported. Those who have direct experience supporting that device may be able to determine if the issue is with their customized fork or something else with the install process or hardware, etc.

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i see, i will ask them. Thank you for your time

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