Network traffic led blink frequence implementation

I'm trying to impliment a functhon:

the blink frequence of led according to the wan or lan traffic.

I don't have any openwrt developing experience, anyone can give me some clue?

We need more information.

What SoC does your router use?
What OpenWrt version do you use?
What is the LEDs connected to?

OpenWrt 19.07.2

as for the LED connection, I don't know.

Please be more specific, there are too many 24kc targets

Do you have the basic controls of the LEDs? For example, turning them on or off? If yes, how do you do that?

yes, as below:

/bin/echo "0" > /sys/devices/platform/leds-gpio/leds/d-link:green:power/brightness

So it is a GPIO LED.
You can set its trigger to netdev in System -> LED Configuration

oh, thanks. will try.

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