Network shares 21.02.1 Archer C7

Just upgraded Archer C7 V4 from 19.07.8 to 21.02.1
Lost USB drive shares - no SAMBA or luci-app-ksmbd in repositories.
Pls, drop a hint on easy way to recover

opkg update; opkg list | grep samba

Thanks for one step forward
Still empty folder on USB drive - tested with Ext4 stick and ntfs hdd
Low memory for samba4 - installed ksmbd-server, ksmbd-utils, kmod-usb-storage, block-mount
ksmbd-server is running, USB printer is working

Is the usb device mounted?
Do you have proper kmod for FS support installed?

Installed kmod-fs-ext4, kmod-fs-ntfs -though never had to in 19.07
Now - 'no necessary permissions to view the contents'

config file seems to be correct:

config share
	option create_mask '0666'
	option dir_mask '0777'
	option guest_ok 'yes'
	option read_only 'no'
	option path '/mnt/sda1'
	option name 'Old_Disk'

On the windows host, I would assume?

Check the permissions of the mount point.

Sorry, no windows
Access denied to ubuntu laptop and android tablet
How to check the permissions?

ls -l /mnt/sda1

"force root" in config