Network makeover

i'm currently using a netgear wax206 + an hp procurve 1400-24g switch (unmanaged)

i mostly want to monitor traffic and perhaps set 2 vlans to prioritize iptv traffic, but most important to me is being able to monitor traffic

for this, i'm currently thinking about setting up softflow and send the traffic to an internal server to run ntopng, but i'm not sure how much cpu will softflow consume on the router

i also have ubiquiti edgerouter 6p, which in my current setup, i'm phasing out

I'm considering a tp-link tl-sg1016de (managed) and would need a decent ap (although i really like the wireless part of the wax206 :frowning: :slight_smile: )

any thoughts/suggestions ?

I won’t speak to the devices other than to say the wax206 should be well capable. If it’s wifi performance meets your needs now I would delay buying an AP atm. You will need a managed switch if you intend to run Vlans.

I run a fork of openwrt/softlowd monitoring my lan, guest, and IOT networks to Netflow collector modules on my network monitor application on an internal server. I don’t use a network analyzer, but all Netflow collectors will expect the same flows.

I run a WRT1900ACS, a managed switch, and a Unifi AP by way of reference.

I have no issues on the network given my use case. I just monitor my network - making sure everything us up, sending alerts, generating reports . . . for that I set softflowd to use option sampling_rate ‘100’ # sample 1 of 100 packets

In the case where I want to see full details I will set sample rate to 1 only for that interface. Again I see acceptable cpu loads.

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