Network layout: two switches + router + dumb APs

I am toying with the idea of adding a 2nd, managed 5-port 2.5 GbE switch to my setup.

  1. Is this the right way to plumb everything together as shown below?
  2. Planning to connect to two switches with a SFP cable. The gs316ep has a 1G SFP port while the Nicgiga has a 10 G. Some cables on Amazon seem to warning against connecting 1.25 G to 10 G+. I known nothing about SFP connections. Is this possible?

Example warning:

Current setup:

                                        [PCs] [cameras]
                                          |      |
[Modem] <--> [OW x86-64 router] <--> [Netgear gs316ep]
                                          |      |
                                        [AP1]  [AP2]

Proposed setup:

                                        [2.5 GbE PCs]          [PCs] [cameras]
                                              |                  |      |
[Modem] <--> [OW x86-64 router] <--> [Nicgiga 2.5 GbE ] <--> [Netgear gs316ep]
                                                                 |      |
                                                               [AP1]  [AP2]

SFP ports are only compatible with SFP modules/DACs, where as SFP+ ports will work with SFP+ or SFP modules/DACs.

In other words, the sfp+ ports are backwards compatible and will auto detect the module/DAC is plugged, but not the other way around.

Therefore, you need to get an SFP DAC (not sfp+).

Otherwise yes, your connections look fine.

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Thanks for the reply. I just ordered a 10Gtek 1.25G SFP DAC Twinax Cable which I think matches what you recommended.

The SFP DAC I linked above is simply not detected by the setup. Is it the one you recommended?

I did not make any specific recommendations for a DAC. I simply stated that the DAC must be sfp, not sfp+. Usually that means a 1Gbps model. The one above says 1.25, which may mean that it technically is sfp+

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Ah, thanks. I will look for a 1Gbps, not 1.25.

I cannot recall having looked specially at SFP or SFP+ when I ordered DACs, and I've used them successfully on both SFP and SFP+ cages, with the expected link speeds. Will check the details on the DAC tomorrow.

1.25 GBit/s vs 1 GBit/s is gross vs net data rate, it both refers to the same 1 GBit/s SFP DAC - so that's fine. But some devices are more picky in terms of interoperability and cable length (minimum and maximum) than others.


@darksky I have a few Digitus DN-81222 AFP+ DACs which work just fine on regular SFP cages as well, if I recall correctly. Not sure if you got that brand in the US though.

Checking the specs they clearly state plain gigabit is supported too.

Thanks all. I am just going to use an ethernet cable to be the trunk line. I don't need all 6 ports anyway.

Oh come on live a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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