Network latency monitoring


I'm looking for a networking monitoring tool (something like smoke-ping) that I can install on my OpenWRT router and use the LUCI interface to monitor the latencies to a specific site. What can I use?


There is a ping module for "collectd", and a package to add a graphic interface to it.


Try luci-app-statistics with collectd-mod-ping. Then you can configure a set of hosts to ping and you can. Not exactly smokeping but pretty close.


Thank you @eduperez and @moeller0 . I'll try collectd.

Hello 0penwr7,

Could you report back what was your experience with collectd-mod-ping

Did you make it work ?
What does it look like ?
Is it reliable ?

I ask here because this post is top of the page for google search of
"smokeping openwrt"

I am not @0penwr7, but I have been using "collectd-mod-ping" for years... and yes, it works reliably, and produces a nice graph with the latency.

Thank you,
Could you post a screenshot of what it looks like with real world data here for the people searching about this ? (just blur out addresses if any)

You have an example image at