Network Configuration for OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055

Hi, first post here, so apologies if i've popped this in the wrong place!

I need a help to setup my Omnia router as following:

  • create 2 SSID, (public-ssid and work-ssid).
    public-ssid should assign private IP address (
    work-ssid should assign public IP address (

Both these networks will have one gateway to my ISP:

  • I have also a sever that need to have public IP address, so I need to connect it into port4 on the switch.


a good thing to do ( for yourself ) is to draw a clear diagram on A3 paper of the key elements at play.

this way, in the future this can be applied to any system. config is a separate set of notes.


NAT) as your dealing with a public address space, you'll likely need to not NAT that "ssid-work".... we can further abstract this part of your network by just calling it a zone or segment.

Best to change the name of: ssid-public ( confusing as it's your "private" net.... up to you but public will easily be mistaken for Internet Address space by anyone looking at your system )

Good news is this is mosty really simple and clear on openwrt.

So are you comfortable with linux commands / ssh?.... or were you hoping to achieve this via the GUI/Web Interface/LUCI

One thing to note: 15.0x is really old. It would be insecure at the best of times but as your working with public subnets you really want to make sure your base is relatively hardened......

In other words before you start, we have to try and get you a relatively up to date version working.....

IS THIS YOUR MODEL? ( don't update just yet )

thank you for your help.

I can use home-ssid this is
and work-ssid with

Yes I know linux command and have ssh access to my router.

yes, this is my model. do you mean I shoud update the firmware?

yes.. i do... the link on the Table of Hardware is an older version....

you can find the most recent RELEASE:


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