Network card for OpenWrt installed on old x86 pc

Thank yo all for your valuable contributions. I prefer to focus on a PCie wireless network card as going that is most compatible with my current use case. Also it seems more related to the thread we are in.

I have used OpenWrt WAPs and find that for me I'd like to see if I can avoid having additional components to worry about in terms of hard/software

Just a simple numbers game, taking compex' wifi6 wireless cards (QCA QNC9074):

  • 2.4 GHz, ~200 USD
  • 5 GHz, ~250 USD
  • 6 GHz, 250 USD

Compared to complete ipq807x devices with at least dual-band (starting ~70 USD for the ax3600, but the higher end ones are more like 300-400 USD; or around 100 USD for the rt3200/ e8450).

I have a silverstone mini pci-e network card to pci-e interface adapter on the way
As well as
[WiFi6 4T4R Dual Bands Selectable mPCIe Card IEEE802.11ax / ac / a / b / g / n 2.4G / 5GHz MT7915 AW7915-NP1]

[WiFi Mini PCIe Module MTK MT7615 4T4R DBDC 11ac 1.7Gbps AW7615-NP1]

I will keep you guys updated on how far I get

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