Netmaker / Netclient as official package? Wireguard peer-to-peer mesh networks

Hi guys,

don't know if you heared about netmaker yet.
It can create peer-to-peer mesh networks (via Wireguard) through its netclient.

I love it (on x86) and would like to see it on many openwrt routers.

How would it be possible to have an easy installations possibility for those openwrt routers?
Maybe even to be an official package that can be easily installed?!

Here is some input already:

Your input is much appreciated. Thanks!

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+1 ill love to get netclient on my openwrt routers.

Here is now an openwrt daemon script. Don't know if that helps.

Leaving here the link to the (soon-to-be) official package: Netclient: the client for Netmaker networks

Yet another Go bloatware unfortunately.