Netlink Bandwidth Monitor export problem

Hi All

I am using Netlink Bandwidth Monitor for more than a month now so i have two accounting periods to choose from.

The problem i have is that i am not able to export previous accounting period. When i select previous period and perform export, it always exports current accounting period.

I am on 22.03.1. Does anyone else have the same issue?

I concur it faults in the gui.

nlbw -c list to show your two accounting periods.

Then issue nlbw -c show -t YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY-MM-DD is the accounting period you want to show stats from.

Use nlbw -c csv -t YYYY-MM-DD and pipe it to a local file to export the CSV ouput or list it to stdout.

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Thanks for your reply.

All works fine from command line. Must be LUCI package issue then.

See the response from the author.