[netifd] no full DS with DS-Lite installed

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  • netifd 2020-01-07-64

With ds-lite being part of the base feed and thus installed by default and having set option ipv6 'auto' netifd fails to provide a full DS (least on VDSL2 subscriber line), if such is supported by the ISP, and instead automatically spawns a ds-wan_6_4 interface.

Having removed the ds-lite package netifd then provides a full DS only.

It does not seem logical that netifd implicitly forces a DS-Lite despite the ISP providing a full DS and having the user to remove the ds-lite package in order to be able to gain access to the full DS.

There should probably be a toggle to specify DS vs DS-Lite that would not necessitate the deinstallation of ds-lite.

It likely happens when the ISP's back-end is configured for both, ds-lite and ds-full, and selectively provides either to the subscriber.

It looks like that dslite.sh probes the upstream link for lite first, instead of full and if succeeds assumes lite instead of full. This could lead to the case described in the OP where lite probe succeeds and is assumed whilst the ISP instead provides full on the subscriber line.

Whilst this may seem like a corner case the suggestion

sounds sensible.