Netifd needs to downgrade on Snapshots channel

Hi everyone,

Despite I could not get answers lately on the forum, I would like to inform you that now netifd requires itself to downgrade from its current version of 2018-12-16-cd089c52-1 to 2018-12-16-2750ce2e-1.
Can someone tell me the reason for it or point me to a page to find these type of reasoning from time to time.


Not an actual downgrade, but the latest netifd commit by @ldir did not update source date for the package, and the git hash looks smaller (but is just a hash). So it is a temporary version comparison mistake and visible only if you already have the first 2018-12-16 version of the package installed.;a=commitdiff;h=3f7de917be3216785f039c921cfedf72b9989f49