Netgear X6 R7850 stops forwarding DNS queries

So, I bought a new router, and I have had some issues getting it to work properly. I myself work in IT, but not specifically networks, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to grasp this potential solution. Currently, the router is handing itself out as a DNS server, to enable takeover of web queries in the event the network is down, and send you to the router login page. However, after a couple hours of use, it stops forwarding DNS queries to the set server.

Router is a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R7850. I just want to know if OpenWRT would fix these issues, and if my router is compatible.

So I checked that list, but it doesn't show my router, however basically the same router, the R8000 is listed, so is the R7900

Then it is not supported.

hi, i ordered the r7900 fm amazon and i received … the r7850 !
i sent it back explaining why and i received again the r7850 with a stick r7900 (Added on the box)
so initially i wanted a box with a BCM chipset but who knows here what is the chipset on this strange r7850 ?

The FCC ID might provide some clues.

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