Netgear X10 (R9000)

you can not download it yet, but you can follow guide to build it yourself, very stable for me, hope it get added to official so we can download it normally

But where is the egorenar version with kernel 6.6 (masmbit release does not include 6.6 patch/switch)

What is the reason on why Netgear R9000 is still not supported in 2024?

Because it's an exotic SOC with little to no mainline support and only a single known/ relevant device, someone would have to do the remaining development work to clean the target up for formal OpenWrt inclusion and work on getting the missing pieces into the mainline kernel.

Often the remaining missing 20% of the road may be just as difficult as the previous 80%, beating stuff into mainline'ish shape. There's a difference between getting things 'working™' and getting them into a shape that others (be it OpenWrt or the upstream kernel) accept (part of) the workload for its future maintenance. While these Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-514 SOCs were very capable, Amazon bought up the company and stopped further mainline integration, which doesn't help.

  1. No DSA driver for al_eth
  2. Multiple parts of the SoC only have out of tree drivers

No DSA switch driver wouldn't necessarily be a hard disqualification, but certainly not great.

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Thanks to those who have mucked around with the Netgear X10 (R9000). I ran OpenWRT on it for a while but ended up retiring it and moving to an OPNsense appliance with a TP-Link mesh (which I already had--I had disabled the WiFi on the X10 and removed the antennas). It was a fun experiment while it lasted.

If anyone wants a good condition X10, antenna removed but replaceable, DM me.

How does DD-WRT do it then? Is DD-WRT a good option for R9000?