Netgear X10 (R9000)

Thanks, much appreciated!

First off, thank you @egorenar and all the rest of you for making this port possible for the r9000 !
I got this router somewhat cheap with the idea of first testing it before replacing the r7800. Reading this topic over and over, followed the guides and managed to build an image. Router is up and running fine, running simple tasks, serving WiFi and samba shares. From what i can see, the AD ? radio ( Wilocity Wil6210 802.11 ? ) is not activating anytime soon. Is this normal ? This worked with the netgear image.

Now i would like to add the @hurrian luci-app-alpine-fan-control package but this time i can't seem to understand how to build it form the git source.
Can anybody provide a ready-to-install luci package of it ?

Edit: alpine-fan-control sorted.