Netgear WNR2200, setting up static IP

Hello, everybody.

I must say that I'm just as new to setting up home networks as am to OpenWrt. I have chosen to install it on my Netgear WNR2200 for security reasons and now having trouble to configure Internet connection. I know that asking for hand-holding is not welcomed, but unfortunately documentation left me completely confused and I am currently not equipped enough to deal with this issue in a timely manner (the only laptop with the Ethernet port is severely damaged and almost unusable).
I have providently made screen-shots of the preflashed Internet settings from the GUI (1, 2), but have no idea how to translate them to the OpenWrt GUI.

Your help would be very much appreciated.

1 and 2: You would browse to Network > Interfaces > WAN on the web GUI. You change protocol to Static address.


  • To change the MAC, hit the "Advanced Settings" button and edit the section named "Override MAC address."
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Thanks a lot, you instructions have worked.
For some reason WAN settings require user to explicitly specify MAC-adress in "advanced settings" section, even if ISP have the authentic MAC-adress of the device registered.

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