Netgear WNDR4700 Firmware Re-Flash [SOLVED]

I tried netgear's way of flashing firmware with the tftp64 program and connected with an ethernet cable, and when I clicked PUT when the power icon was flashing, it said "something error 10054, connection was forcibly closed by remote host"

is it some setting I need to change with the openwrt control panel to allow tftp64 to do what I want it to do, or is it something else?

Your device shouldn't be booted into OpenWrt at the time TFTP begins.

im going to try again while its powering up, but I swear, if that's how I need to do this, and if it works, im going to face-palm myself back to freshman year in highschool for not noticing this earlier

I'm running the tftpd64 flash as its powering up, selecting my ethernet connection, and the progress shows block#0, and no progression, just hangs until I click the break button. Last time this happened and I broke the connection, I could still enter the openwrt control panel fine, so I can only guess that nothing is happening while the program runs the PUT command. So I tried the tftp command-line argument tftp -i PUT NameOfFirmware.img while it was powering up, 30 seconds later, tftp said connect request failed. For some reason, any tftp-argument is not connecting at all; I have one ehternet cable plugged into my computer, and the other end into one of the router's ethernet ports (not the ethernet port designated for internet); could it be a simple port connection snafu, or did something break in a way I can't un-break?

TL;DR tftpd64 and tftp cmd-argument failed, wat do?

Try using the WAN port.

so do the tftpd64 program, but use a wireless connection instead? Ok, ill try that in a bit and reply with results

No! You must use an Ethernet cable. I'm not sure how you concluded that.

I tried the WAN port just now. Couldn't do anything, couldn't connect to the openwrt control panel, couldn't tftp from the command line, and I ran a ping to the router, and it came back with a 50% packet lost. Overall, my attempt at using the WAN port had the same fail results as I've been reporting


I wrote down the "tftp flashing procedure" as part of the
apm821xx: increase WNDR4700's dtb+kernel partition to 3.5 MiB patch

based on Netgear's KB

To manually trigger the firmware recovery, the reset button has to be pressed (and hold) during boot. U-boot will enter the "Upgrade Mode" and starts a tftpserver listening on for a tftp client from one of the four LAN/Ethernet ports to connect and upload the new system: (enable tftp binary mode!). openwrt-apm821xx-nand-netgear_wndr4700-squashfs-factory.img

so, you'll need to power off the WNDR4700. Connect the PC to a LAN port (LAN4). set your PC to a static IPv4 Address i.e. (anything from will do). Press and hold the reset button (this is difficult since the button is on the backside and "hidden" behind a small hole. so you'll need a paper clip or pen) while simultaneously power on the WNDR4700... And then wait for the WNDR4700 to enter the "Upgrade Mode" (Power LEDs blinks green (no not amber, it has to be green!)). After that use your tftp client to upload the firmware (either stock firmware or openwrt's wndr4700 factory.bin image) to Don't forget to enable "binary mode", as otherwise the tftp upload will fail.

Note: Netgear says that the router can also be listening on, so be prepared to also test as the static IP for your PC.

It worked, after all this trouble, I finally managed to re-flash the netgear router firmware; I want to thank the OpenWRT people for helping me with this, as its been one heck of an adventure to finish

now that I know how to go back to the normal firmware, ill be able to switch back and forth if I want. Maybe ill stick with OpenWRT after I figure out the printing side of it (let computers connected to its wifi to print documents), but for now, ill leave it be

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