Netgear WNDR3700v5

Just starting this since the old thread was on the old openwrt forum. (

Someone made a bootloader for This one works perfectly and I can access the web recovery every time.
You can flash Padavan firmware directly from this GUI.
If you want to flash back to openwrt you need to use a script taken from here: But for WNDR3700v5 use the sysupgrade file as rootfs0.bin


if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
echo Usage: $0 "kernel1.bin" "rootfs0.bin"
exit 1
[ -f "$kernel1" ] || { echo "kernel1 file doesn't exist, aborting: $kernel1"; exit 1; }
[ -f "$rootfs0" ] || { echo "rootfs0 file doesn't exist, aborting: $rootfs0"; exit 1; }
[[ ${kernel1##*/} =~ .kernel1.bin ]] || echo "first parameter must be kernel1.bin, aborting"
[[ ${rootfs0##
/} =~ .*rootfs0.bin ]] || echo "second parameter must be rootfs0.bin, aborting"
tmpfile=$(mktemp tmp.XXXXXX)
truncate -s 8M "$tmpfile"
dd if="$kernel1" of="$tmpfile" conv=nocreat,notrunc status=none oflag=seek_bytes seek=0
dd if="$kernel1" of="$tmpfile" conv=nocreat,notrunc status=none oflag=seek_bytes seek=4M
cat "$rootfs0" >> "$tmpfile"
mv "$tmpfile" openwrt_for_breed.bin
echo "openwrt_for_breed.bin successfully created."


@echo off
if "%~1" neq "" (echo %~1) else (goto help)
del /q /f openwrt_for_breed.bin >nul
del /q /f ~tempfile >nul
del /q /f ~kernel* >nul
set size=0
for %%I in (%1) do set/A size=4194304-%%~zI
fsutil file createnew ~tempfile %size%
copy /b %1+~tempfile ~kernel
del /q /f ~tempfile >nul
copy /b ~kernel+~kernel ~kernel1
copy /b ~kernel1+%2 openwrt_for_breed.bin
del /q /f ~kernel* >nul
echo.This will make OpenWrt binary file for using with Breed for Mi Router 3G.
echo Usage:
echo create_openwrt_for_breed.cmd {kernel1 file} {rootfs0 file}
echo Example: %0
echo create_openwrt_for_breed.cmd openwrt-18.06.0-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-kernel1.bin openwrt-18.06.0-ramips-mt7621-mir3g-squashfs-rootfs0.bin

A readymade file for flashing openwrt from the Pandorabox bootloader can be found here: (Openwrt 19.07.3). It'll probably work with at the Breed bootloader as well.

Someone made another bootloader: It's supposed to have a web recovery too, but I never managed to access it.

There's also the Breed bootloader.
But the web recovery is in chinese and I haven't tried it.

I'm running my Wndr3700v5 with 19.07.3 with the first mentioned bootloader. I does work fine on 2,4ghz. 5Ghz probably not. (It's not in use, more like a backup router).