Netgear WN2000RPT v2

just opened one WN2000RPT v2, the chip is as same as WNR2000, and I successfully loaded dd-wrt., so I believe loading openwrt should not be a problem.
but, the real problem is: there is NO wan port on WN2000RPT, which means you will not get WAN connected.
if you want keep going, two parts are required:

  1. one 10/100 base-t single port isolation transformer module
    FPE H20201DL-R,
  2. RJ45 sockets with PCB mounting post

then some soldering works.'s a 4/32 device.


If it's like the V3, the top Ethernet port is eth0 while the other three are eth1 through the switch.

Of course you can always reconfigure the switch to have a WAN VLAN.