Netgear WAX220 support (almost complete)

I finally returned the WAX220 last week and got a NWA50AX Pro now. So far no outages on my phones. I am using the same config that I was using before.

The discussion there is to disable 11ax on 2.4GHz, are you disabling 2.4GHz only or both to get rid of the issue on Apple devices?

I disabled it both 5ghz and 2.4ghz, only this way it worked for me

whelp, it just happened again with the new AP. guess its either apple or my config. trying to set things up fresh one more time, not very optimistic though.

I have at home 2x Netgear R7800 and 1x WAX220
Big difference: by default, r7800 supports only 32 clients (per band)
I have 150+ IoT devices already at home (sockets, switches etc.) so without workaround it was not possible to use r7800 unless I split them amongst the 2 (but then I would have to create 2 different SSID).
With WAX220, although I bought it laptops (2.5Gbps) I decided to deciate it to 2.4GHz IoT devices - I am not sure how many it can serve but 150+ does not make WAX220 suffering.
However with Macbooks connected WAX makes me seek with is upload spead (sometimes 10Mbps) while the same conditions and r7800 can go up to 500Mbps.

It seems that Netgear is aware of the disconnecting Apple devices issue, and is able to provide beta firmware to test their fix. (

Stable release is scheduled for May 24th.

Hopefully it will give insight how to fix this in OpenWrt as well?

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