Netgear WAX220 support (almost complete)

@glazeus There isn't really much you can do at this point, you are working blind. You need a serial(console output) connection.

If you don't know much about this it's best to read some and watch some videos but basically
Need a USB to TTL adapter(set to 3.3V)
Pins, solder, and cables to connect the WAX and adapter
As I recall for this unit:
-don't connect the WAX VCC to the adapter
-adapter GND to a ground pad on WAX
Serial software if using Windows(putty, etc)
-115200, 8N1, 3.3V

I did find some pics on this model that I took.

As for nmrpflash... I can't remember what the error said but it would start the download and then give the error. No way around that until I erased UBI partition. Even then the first reboot the console gave the same error. I rebooted an immediately started nmrpflash and it loaded fine.

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