Netgear WAX220 as router


Is it possible to use an AP as a router with OpenWrt installed if I only need Wifi?

Seems like the WAX220 has pretty good specs and would suffice.

I have a fiber connection with a standalone modem. If any info is missing please ask :slight_smile:

yes, it is.


Do you think it's a good idea using the WAX220 as such? I'm trying to get away from a Fritzbox and gain a little more control, especially separating my devices via SSIDs(VLANs?).

And concerning the hardware, looks like it is pretty close the top devices like the DL-WRX36, just lacking the wired connectivity. And a little easier to flash from what I could gather.

why not.
although I would expect other devices with comparable perfomance to be cheaper.



Yes, it's possible to configure a single-ethernet-port device as router with OpenWrt, but it'll be rather inconvenient long term. OpenWrt relies on wired ethernet access for firstboot, reset/ recovery conditions and configures the first found ethernet port as such, while you can configure it differently, it will revert to that in any of the aforementioned failure conditions - which is 'not ideal' for your intended use case. But what's worse, there is no kind of failsafe access via wireless, if you misconfigure anything, you need to unplug the WAN cable, reset and start all over from wired-(now-again-)LAN. Again, your plan is possible, just not sensible.

For a device intended to act as router, you really want two wired ethernet ports, with the traditional WAN/ LAN split - and for many home environments, more than one LAN port adds another layer of (optional-) convenience.


I would run a quick peek through the AX Wifi device list, whether any of the other listed MT7986 and 7981 devices are available in your country, at what price and whether their differing specs (ports, RAM, antwnnas, …) look appealing (it is around 10 devices or so, so wonβ€˜t take long).

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