Netgear WAX218 repairable? - maybe NAND broken


I recently got a broken Netgear WAX218. When powering on no LEDs turn up or anything else happens. I hoped for some easy fix but it's out of my skills.

When powering on serial console output says:

U-Boot 2016.01-WAX218-uboot_version:V1.1.0 [Attitude Adjustment 12.09.1,32f358b] (May 06 2021 - 02:42:10 +0000)

DRAM:  smem ram ptable found: ver: 1 len: 4
512 MiB
NAND:  ONFI device found
ID = 1590aac2
Vendor = c2
Device = aa
qpic_nand: ecc data doesn't fit in available OOB area
0 MiB
FLASH:  SF: Unsupported flash IDs: manuf ff, jedec ffff, ext_jedec ffff
ipq_spi: SPI Flash not found (bus/cs/speed/mode) = (0/0/48000000/0)
MMC:   sdhci: Node Not found, skipping initialization

After that nothing happens anymore. It doesn't respond on any key input.
My guess is that
"qpic_nand: ecc data doesn't fit in available OOB area
0 MiB"
is the culprit. Does it mean the NAND is broken on the hardware side? Anything I could do about it?

Thanks in advance for any hints

Apparently all bits are read as 1, leading to values ff and ffff

Sounds like hardware failure.

Thanks for the hint.
Even if I'm quite sure it's a hardware failure it's interesting that these flash IDs seem to be normal since it's the same reading like in another thread with a working WAX218. But there it says something about pagesize which mine doesn't.

But yeah, seems like I got some electronic garbage along with a nice heatsink with 8 antennas attached to it :melting_face: