Netgear wax206 wireless frequencies configuration

Which is the best and stable configuration for wifi in 2.4 e 5ghz?
I use this.
Screenshot 2023-08-20 alle 11.07.56
Is it best to use AC, AX or N?
The channel is correct auto?
And the width?
I configured it in this way and it works, but I would like to know if there is a better way to do it.

This depends a lot on your environment:

  • Other WiFi networks
  • Capabilities of your clients
  • Regulatory requirements
  • ...

N = 802.11n = WiFi 4
AC = 802.11ac = WiFi 5
AX = 802.11ax = WiFi 6

Please research yourself on the differences of the different WiFi standards.

I read the differences of the interfaces, but if I use AX or AC it doesn't work.
I test AX and AC Auto 80 MHZ but didn't work.
This configuration worked, but because ax and AC is better I asked how I could configure them.

Set WPA to wpa2/wpa3 to avoid incompatibility with older devices and iot devices.
2.4ghz on wax206 doesn't support ax, so set N.
5ghz set AX
At first don't set auto on channel and chose channel 36 for 5ghz. If everything works then try to set auto and see if something breaks.
Set your country code according to the nation you live.

If the router device allows it, use AX, it has more capabilities than its predecessors.

First, set your country code (Device Configuration -> Advanced Settings, top field). By leaving the default '00', you are restricting your WiFi channels to those available across all international regulatory domains, so missing out on some locally available ones, which the connecting devices might be using.

Second, try changing the encryption (Interface Configuration -> Wireless Security tab) to "WPA2-PSK/WAP3-SAE Mixed Mode". I'm guessing from your SSID of "TV" that this is connecting to a television? That device may be old enough to not support WPA3-only, so allowing WPA2 may allow it to connect properly.

Thank you both.
Now AX seems to work.
For the password I use wpa2 for 2.4 and wpa3 for 5ghz. It's ok for the devices I'll connect in those network.
In the field width which value is better?
Now I have 40 Mhz.
And for channel, the 36 seems to work.
I'll do some other test.
Can I use this channel, or is better auto?
Thank you.

2.4ghz set bw 20
5ghz set bw 80
5ghz channel is up to you: if 36 works you can leave it, if it's slow for congestion you can experiment with DFS channels (52 or 100). Just try what's best for you.
Remember that if you use a dfs channel there's a radar clearing time of 2 to 10 minutes... So don't despair if the devices take some time to reconnect.

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