Netgear wax206 vs Belkin RT3200

Are there differences in drivers or hardware? They seem to be the saem.

Isn't the RT3200 unobtainiumware ?

I'd go for the 206, because of the 2.5GbE uplink port, easy flash and recovery.


I would wait for Filogic 830 devices since those are the next generation

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After that, there would be something even newer coming, you could wait for...

It's the best way of shopping, since you never actually buy anything.


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The only thing lacking in wax206 is a USB port. You never know when you might require an NFS or Samba server on the router.

At least I have got rt3200 available in my country, but the price is too high

Nope, you don't have to wait:

we have to wait, filogic 880 is coming :sweat_smile:

Not what the OP asked but on the topic of filogic and more powerful chipsets, the Redmi AX6000 is much faster than either of those. A bit of a task to get OpenWRT on it but it is well documented.

You're the one who said wait, not me...

No USB so no go.