Netgear WAX206 Support

I put mine on 23.05 RC1, using a Chromebook with 160MHz support (the built-in card should be 6E but it doesn't matter), when router/Chromebook sitting on same desk I roughly got 1.3Gbps speedtest.
The 2.4GHz band has no AX support so I separate it out for my IoTs (mainly for coverage), and things working great currently. I haven't tried VLAN yet because I am still trying to study how VLAN and DSA working in latest version.

I did have to resort to checking the documentation page for VLAN on DSA, where I got stuck is you have to replace the br_lan with the actual vlan device on the interface. (same with all other interfaces that are bound to vlan's). That isnt immediately obvious, I probably would have never figured it out without RTFM.

Also the wireless wont show up on the bridge anymore, so its less intuitive in checking quickly whats attached to each VLAN, instead I had to check in the AP settings which network each AP is attached to.

Switch config is also harder to get to now, its nested in the device settings. Someone made a patch for the dash to show ethernet port status, but I think it doesnt work on DSA out of the box.

There is still some minor issues I need to look at, I already know from this thread about the wifi led's, another one is when I connect my PC to the network now, there is a delay before DHCP kicks in, previously was almost instant. (this applies also when waking pc from sleep). That delay also seems to be there even in a static IP configuration, so might be port negotiation.

But thats all from the top of my head.

The initial setup problems on getting into the netgear firmware I am going to accept as operator error, as I think attaching to a VLAN enabled network may have broken things so shouldnt have been so lazy and directly connected to PC. Will learn from it and direct connect any new devices in future.

WiFi LED doesn't seem to be a problem on my side, at least I am able to make the WiFi 2.4/5GHz up and blink......

It isnt, its configured now, I meant it was in its default configured state no LED configuration, I just copied over the config I was using in the C7, so they on by default and flash with activity (same as ethernet ports). :slight_smile: So working good now.

I have 3 AP's though, on the C7 I used the ice symbol LED (not sure what thats used for by default) for my 2nd 5ghz AP, thinking over what to do on the WAX206 as that doesnt really have a spare LED, but I have noticed each wifi LED has 2 config options, one each for green and blue so I might be able to figure something out.

C7 is back on now, so now my 2 OpenWRT devices are the WAX206 and Archer C7. HH5A is now in the collecting dust pile.

Also changed the WAN port LED to green as the blue is overpowering. Its being used as a LAN port anyway so makes sense to match the LAN colour..

For the slow ethernet negotiation I have suspected energy efficient ethernet but apparently this is off by default in OpenWRT.

I just updated the latest "netifd" package and router bricked :frowning:
Need to hard reset.....

how did you do that?

I'm using auc only to update

Package upgrade of a core package within a release. The recommended way of keeping an OpenWrt installation up to date is doing sysupgrade.

Package upgrades within a release are not recommended or necessary to run OpenWrt.

Explained here:

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Yes I saw that, usually I don't apply update within a release unless it's really needed, this time my router still running in testing mode so give it a press......ouch......soft bricked :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I made some ground on diagnosing the slow ethernet connecting state.

On my C7 using 19.x the ethernet port goes into a learning state for 2 seconds, and then into a forwarding state, on my WAX206 using 23.x it is in the learning state for 9 seconds which is over 3x as long. There is much more device settings now which were not configurable on the older OpenWRT, so I am hoping its one of those that can restore the faster behaviour.

Also is there a chance a UBI version is released for the WAX206 or is it now too late?

WAX206 is already using ubifs from what I see from the OpenWrt bootlog:

Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.583863] UBIFS (ubi0:1): Mounting in unauthenticated mode
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.589630] UBIFS (ubi0:1): background thread "ubifs_bgt0_1" started, PID 616
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.605666] UBIFS (ubi0:1): recovery needed
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.658241] UBIFS (ubi0:1): recovery completed
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.662773] UBIFS (ubi0:1): UBIFS: mounted UBI device 0, volume 1, name "rootfs_data"
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.670620] UBIFS (ubi0:1): LEB size: 126976 bytes (124 KiB), min./max. I/O unit sizes: 2048 bytes/2048 bytes
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.680548] UBIFS (ubi0:1): FS size: 16887808 bytes (16 MiB, 133 LEBs), max 143 LEBs, journal size 1015809 bytes (0 MiB, 7 LEBs)
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.692122] UBIFS (ubi0:1): reserved for root: 797652 bytes (778 KiB)
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kern.notice kernel: [    5.698567] UBIFS (ubi0:1): media format: w5/r0 (latest is w5/r0), UUID 158F7CF8-E040-4366-998D-C046C07A7C1B, small LPT model
Fri Dec  2 13:26:40 2022 kernel: [    5.712094] mount_root: switching to ubifs overlay

I read someone here asking how to use more capacity of the WAX206 flash space. So maybe it’s not about ubifs for WAX206 but the question of how to format or partition the existing flash layout: which parts should be changed and which parts should stay untouched read only on vendor defaults.


Fixed the ethernet delay guys :smiley:

It was the STP 'Forward delay' setting.

According to the above the default is 2, however a ghosted out value was set to 15, so I just manually typed 2 and now its normal speed again. :slight_smile:

Log flooding with this.

Client is android one plus 6 phone, so means I cant really change anything on it as android locks it down.

Fri Jun 23 00:14:56 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: wl0-ap0: STA-OPMODE-SMPS-MODE-CHANGED 64:a2:f9:4c:f4:4c static
Fri Jun 23 00:15:56 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: wl0-ap0: STA-OPMODE-SMPS-MODE-CHANGED 64:a2:f9:4c:f4:4c off
Fri Jun 23 00:19:46 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: wl0-ap0: STA-OPMODE-SMPS-MODE-CHANGED 64:a2:f9:4c:f4:4c static
Fri Jun 23 00:19:46 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: wl0-ap0: STA-OPMODE-SMPS-MODE-CHANGED 64:a2:f9:4c:f4:4c of

Can you change the wifi setting on the one plus 6 from high speed to compatibility?

Good to see you on here. Was running your build for flint before. it was perfect.

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Is snapshot a newer version than 23.05-rc1?
I am running snapshot at the moment coz I read on the forums that there was a bug which was fixed in the latest snapshot.

I want to run rc1, but not sure if has more bugs than snapshot.

Snapshot is basically direct from master branch, on the edge.

Also change flint to openwrt on my normal URL for images and bam you have wax 206 and rt3200 :grin:

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Thank you. Found it.
I will update my wax206 and report back.

Can I use your sysupgrade file in Luci to upgrade from openwrt snapshot?

Should be able to without issues

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No, it seems barely anything can be changed, phone is rooted as well, but I havent found any tools or anything to tweak parameters.

For now I just toned down the log verbosity as wifi is actually working on the phone, and I am replacing it with a one plus 8 pro very soon anyway which will be on a newer android build as well.