Netgear wax206 installation problems

I’m new to openwrt.
I try ed to install openwrt to my wax206.
I refer to this page:

I did this:

OEM easy installation

Installation from stock firmware is as simple as uploading the OpenWrt ...factory.img via the stock firmware updater (Advanced→Administration→Firmware Update).

The stock firmware will throw an error message warning that the new firmware is older, click Okay to continue. Then click Yes to upload. After reboot OpenWrt should be installed.

Now I can’t connect to router web interface on
Can someone help me?
I’m not an expert.
Or is there a way to reinstall the old firmware?
I don’t want to brick my router.

Did you use an OpenWrt Stable release or Development Snapshot release?
Snapshots do not include LuCI (graphical user interface) by default.

Did you try login via SSH?


As for the Netgear, the closest you'll currently get to stable is
This pre-release include the webUI.

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There is no stable release for WAX206 yet, however there is a 23.05 RC which is available and having LuCI bundled by default. But OP didn't mention which version he/she is using though....

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The WAX206 is so easy to flash with OpenWrt that I am not sure everyone that tries to do that even knows what ssh is.

If you are using a Windows PC you can for instance download and install PuTTY on your PC, connect as user admin (no password) via ssh to and afterwards install Luci as described here:

Due to the fact that the factory image does not contain Luci and you need to install this first there is no way to avoid this step from my understanding. Even if you decide to flash the rc2 image next.

I just came to the conclusion that I was wrong. It should be possible to upgrade from the factory to the 23.05.0-rc2 firmware either using the command line or by the TFTP method as well but I never tried that with the WAX206 myself. That might be good alternatives in case you face problems to set up Internet access to install Luci

RC2 factory image contains luci, and can be flashed directly.

Okay, good to know

I made exactly how you describe.
Now it works.
But how can I update in future without lose my configuration?
For now, all seems to work.

You can select if you want to keep your settings when flashing a new image using Luci

So if I want, I can try for example 2 different release without lose my configuration?

Usually, yes.

Unless there's a major change coming, requiring a reset, so the default configs can get regenerated.

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