Netgear wax202 wifi and admin page


I just got the netgear wax202 and tried to install firmware with the factory image file from the blow post.
After installation, not sure if it was successful it just restart router itself, and couldn't login to admin page anymore. Both wifi lights are off too. I can use internet through ethernet cable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You installed a snapshot image, they don't come with the web ui pre-installed.

Flash it with a 22.03 stable sysupgrade image, using the sysupgrade command, via ssh, and you'll have the webui.

Unless you did, and you're just using the wrong IP ,)


I'm just a noob. Could you spoon feed if you don't mind?

Wifi is disabled by default on OpenWrt. You must configure the SSID + password and enable wifi.... you'll do this via your ethernet connection, of course. And as @frollic stated, once you have a stable build installed, you'll be able to reach the web interface.


Thank you for confirmation.

Is this how to do sysupgrade? I'm on windows and using putty.


You can use winscp to transfer the file from Windows, if wget won't work, directly in the router.


Thank you. Much appreciated.

Finally working, Thank you both :smile:

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