Netgear WAX202 supported?


The TOH page seems to suggest the Netgear WAX202 is supported under 22.03.3

However, I could not find a release for this router.

Can anyone advise if this device is fully supported AX and the correct download link please.


device page is incomplete (I've updated it)


Thats great thank you very much.

Flashed from vendor interface. Seems to be running fine.


I flashed the Wax202 from stock no problem and it as working great however I noticed on the TOH Page it says the router has 128MB of flash storage. My device says to only have 32.9MB. Am I missing something?

Volumes count: 2
Logical eraseblock size: 126976 bytes, 124.0 KiB
Total amount of logical eraseblocks: 272 (34537472 bytes, 32.9 MiB)
Amount of available logical eraseblocks: 0 (0 bytes)
Maximum count of volumes 128
Count of bad physical eraseblocks: 0
Count of reserved physical eraseblocks: 20
Current maximum erase counter value: 4
Minimum input/output unit size: 2048 bytes
Character device major/minor: 250:0
Present volumes: 0, 1

A 128 MB NAND flash does not imply that 128 MB are actually available at your disposal. Most modern devices are using some form of a/b dual-firmware setups, which already halves your flash from the get go, more space is reserved to other partitions.

In this case, even though OpenWrt will currently only use the first partition set (while the OEM firmware apparently uses both), you get 4+34 MB out of it (see;a=blob;f=target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7621_netgear_wax202.dts;h=02f540d7431ce0d0a1128704349da2e560809726;hb=HEAD#l95 for the detailed partitioning).


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