Netgear WAX202 is $30 at Staples

Sold out

Check other sellers.


Yep.... just checked this link an hour after you posted it, and its $51 now.

Was this one the performed pretty good on AC? Not so interested in AX at this point as something $30 with decent AC performance for AP replacements...

There's a reason why the post says check other sellers...

Sold out

CAD $63.93 from US domain, CAD $116.xx-$186.xx from CA domain. Still a bargain.

Wrong side of the bathtub :frowning:
A hundred bucks here in D...

I picked it up at 60 €, might pop back up if you keep an eye out.

How to install 22.03 stable main release on WAX202 ?

I can't find install instructions or a guide;a=commit;h=0f068e7c4a83bcbf20c4e52a5f8a3f1fe2af2246

files linked at


@v2zEPhNxdm When there's no device page there often is a techdata page though. That contains all the info you need.

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Thanks, so techdata page has this for factory image:

But github page has both:




So i am a bit confused

dts is something else, it's required then creating the image, but not a file you need for flashing, it's embedded in the image.



I just got Belkin RT3200 and it is great. A few steps to follow to install.

WAX202 installation seems much simpler to install.

I might get WAX202 for my parents home.

If somethng goes wrong, seems easier to flash new image when im on other side of the country.

I purchased one on Sept 17 at the figure mentioned, with a ship date Oct 28. No prob.. Updated shipping info came in Sept 22, and I checked Amazon an another batch of 25 sold by Amazon and shipped by Amazon cropped up.... and now gone....

Hold your breath and hit the link.
NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Dual-Band Gigabit Router (WAX202) – AX1800 Wireless Speed (Up to 1.8 Gbps) | Coverage up to 1,200 sq. ft, 40 Devices

The Belkin RT3200 is on sale at Walmart for $60 -
Only red flag is that it's not sold by Walmart. The current Walmart sale price is $75 (which is still pretty good).

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What am I to do with all this memory?
Back to Stubby with WireGuard and a twist of oisd for blocking ads via dnsmasq.

ps only saw the Amazon price reflected once since posting above. And I grabbed another one the 28 of September for a way out Nov 7 delivery.
Updating all those tp-link tl-wr841n purchased and running since 2015.

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Sold out, therefore closing this thread.